Windows: Now without water pouring in!

The marina in Todmorden has it’s pros and cons. On the down-side, everyone is squished up close to each other, there’s no privacy, and there are some strong personalities which can dominate the place. On the up-side, there are also some really, really lovely people. One of these is Len, who came across me struggling with taking my first leaky window out last week and offered to help me. It’s ended up with him doing the whole job for me, including ordering new glass and sealant, taking out each window and replacing it, fully sealed.

Swallow has thirteen windows – a lot for a small boat! Ten of them leak – four of them really badly. The race is on as I’m due to move aboard next Thursday and, whilst I can live without gas and running water, it would just be plain miserable to have rain coming into the boat. I went to see Len this morning, to take him a bacon butty and to turn Swallow around so he can get to the other side.

My windows don’t look neat – that’s not part of the plan just now. Though I have aspirations about the paint job I’ll do on Swallow to pretty her up, that’s all going to have to wait til spring. For now, I’m happy with windows which have been replaced and sealed.


One window out, one window broken


Broke another trying to get it out of the frame – the old glass was paper-thin


New window with new glass and sealant – it will all need tidying up but at least she’s watertight!


Len even did my circular windows