Two weeks of rushing and hard work

It’s been a strange and full-on few weeks. Since arriving back in Todmorden with Swallow, there’s been a rush to get done as many things as possible to make her liveable, comfortable, dry and safe. After a horrible time trying to remove just one window that first weekend back, I realised that the best use of my time would be to work like crazy at my job, so that I could pay people who have a clue what they’re doing to help get Swallow sorted.


Len did a brilliant job with my windows, replacing the glass and re-fitting and most importantly re-sealing seven of them (there are still four more smaller ones to do, all leaking pretty badly, but I’ve got a tarpaulin over this part of the boat and though it looks scruffy, it will keep the rain out for now.) And I’ve added to the insulation and relaxed some of the rotten wood too. I’ve bought everything needed for the gas to be fitted – Murco boiler, flue kits, general pipes and things.

Meanwhile Emma has been working much harder on her own boat, Flo, taking several days of work and doing a lot of the work herself. She put down a floor, created a bedroom, got her stove back in, plumbed in her sink and shower and got her gas fitted too – she now has hot running water (just no taps yet…)! All this plus plenty of cladding and insulating – by the time we moved, Flo was looking fantastic. Unfurnished, but clean, spacious and feeling good and sound and ‘new’.

img_0441 img_0603