The stern gland greaser

The stern gland greaser is a mechanism which keeps the stern gland watertight, by squeezing grease around the shaft to form a seal. You have to give it a twist and squeeze some grease down there each time you stop, as moving the boat breaks the seal each time.

 Stern gland greaser

The greaser, which screws up so you can fill it. You twist the tap on the top to screw down and force grease along the tube to the stern gland.

 Stern gland greaser 2

The tube meets the stern gland at the other end and grease is forced around the shaft to seal it.

One morning, Emma was checking the greaser and the tube came free in her hand. Aargh! A brass O-ring called an olive sits at each end, holding the tube tightly in its bolts. But the tube didn’t seem to have an olive at this end, just a strange brass fitting which would NOT go back on, no matter how we tried to force it.

The sewing kit solved the problem. I wrapped cotton tightly around the end of the tube, until it was fairly thick and formed an ‘olive’. It worked! The tube stayed fixed in place and the cotton was too tight to let any grease leak through.

 olive for stern gland greaser

A quick-fix cotton olive to fix the tube into the bolt so it can be tightly attached to the greaser


The other end of the tube, with a proper olive

Later on, when Eric came out to us on *another* breakdown, he replaced the whole tube with a new metal one with proper olives at each end. I still think our little emergency fix was great though :)


New copper pipe and a brass olive


Filling up the greaser using suction