The perfect cupboard

Since I moved aboard, I’ve been searching for the perfect cupboard to squeeze in alongside the sofa and maximise the storage space there. Every time I passed a junk shop or charity shop, every Thursday market I was there, looking for something to fit. Tricky, because it needed to be something long, but with the opening/drawers at the narrow end.

I’ve made do with a rickety table and a box-stool. I couldn’t really store anything under the table, which wasted a lot of space, and it nearly wobbled over each time I moved or opened the stool.


Step in, Dad, who came and measured up (and stopped for a nice lunch at The Bear too) …then went away and built me the perfect cupboard.

Voila! Once again, Dad has made something really special for Swallow:

Narrowboat storage

There’s a hole at the back for wires to run in, so an extension lead and the router can sit at the back of the cupboard. Then a nice basket sits snugly in the top section to hold notebooks, knitting and general day-to-day junk. Underneath is plenty of space for wood, newspapers and kindling for the fire.

Perfect :)