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T’other way: Todmorden to Manchester on the Rochdale Canal (on Emma’s boat)

Autumn is here, and it’s time for Emma and I to set sail from Todmorden to Manchester along the Rochdale Canal. We did this journey with Swallow in the opposite direction in October 2013 (you can read about that here).  This time, we’re taking Emma’s boat, Flo. As Flo is 8′ wide, we can’t take both …

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Migration 4 – Chadderton to Todmorden

26th October – Chadderton to Punchbowl Lock, Littleborough Rochdale Canal We ploughed on through some fairly boring canalway, through Rochdale was a highlight – despite the main lock on the centre being a pretty tough one, we were greatly encouraged by three drunk guys who helped us out and shut the gates behind us. But…we …

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Migration 3 – The Manchester 18

25th October – New Islington to Chadderton Rochdale Canal – the ‘Manchester 18’ locks For me, this was the most gruelling day of the trip. We did more locks on other days, but these particular 18 locks, running from Manchester city centre to Failsworth on the outskirts, truly are challenging. Big heavy gates, often-faulty mechanisms, …

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Migration 2 – Manchester and the Rochdale Nine

Thursday 24th October- Manchester City Centre Bridgewater Canal to Rochdale Canal This was a toughie – the notoriously difficult ‘Rochdale Nine’, the first nine locks of the Rochdale canal taking you through the city centre. It all started off beautifully though – waking up in Sale was just gorgeous, a sunny, cold autumn morning and …

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