Running water


Running water on narrowboat

No, not some internet trickery or illusion. Actual running water, on my boat.

All thanks to Emma of course! While I was busy being fazed by pretty much ever element of boat DIY, she quietly cracked on with my plumbing.

Emma Appleton plumber extraordinaire

I don’t yet have gas, so there’s no hot water, but just seeing it come out of the tap is enough to make me jump around like a mad thing.

It’s also not safe to drink. My water tank – which is literally the inside of the hull at the bow of the boat – needs cleaning out and repainting with special paint before water will be safe for drinking. I won’t be able to do this until the weather is warmer as I won’t be able to dry it out. So for now I’m perfectly happy with water from a neat little bottle under the sink.