Painting 2 – preparation

I don’t care what line of work you’re in, until you’ve spent two full days sanding an entire narrowboat, you don’t know hard work. (And if I hear the words ‘it’s all in the preparation’ one more time, I might just shove someone in the canal.)

The weekend turned out to be utterly gorgeous and perfect weather for sanding and painting. Plus the Grand Depart of the Tour de France was coming through our valley so the towpath was full of friendly tourists calling encouraging words across the canal.


Angle grinder for rusty patches.


Mouse sander for sides:


Heavy-duty hired sander for large flat areas like the roof:

20140707-223910-81550744.jpg And good old-fashioned sandpaper for the tricky bits.

Emma worked on her boat too – a much bigger task and once again I was grateful for Swallow’s dinky proportions:


Kevin and Len came over to nosey at what we were doing and add their twopennoth and bring us some chips:


And Billie decided that her new favourite ever toy was an old plastic fender which she rescued from the canal and then promptly destroyed.



After two solid days of sanding, poor Swallow looked pretty rough:





Time to clean off all the dust with a broom and a damp cloth. Although most of it had already ended up on my face.


Ho hum. Next step…time to paint!

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