A new project (we’re building a tiny house!)

Though I never updated this blog, Emma and I sold lovely Empress back in March last year (to a wonderful couple who love her as much as we did – you can read a lovely post on Jane’s blog here!)

We moved up to the Isle of Skye. At first, we were volunteering, with accommodation in exchange. After that, not yet ready to leave the misty isle, we lived with friends. We’re still here, in rented accommodation.

Meanwhile, we’ve been quite busy.

May I present…our tiny house!

Don’t worry, it’s on wheels. And no it’s not finished yet.

Building work began last summer, and has been fitted in between Emma’s various building jobs, moving house and all kinds of other stuff. Like most big DIY projects, it’s been a bit stop-and-start, but it’s been incredibly exciting too. It’s not finished yet, but we’re making progress :)

We’re calling her Calgary, because that’s the name of the beautiful place in south Skye where we’re building her. It’s right on the shore, with views across the Sound of Sleat, to Knoydart and the mountains of the Scottish Highlands. (Though to be honest most of the time I refer to her as ‘the boat’ because it feels just like another boat project…in a good way!)

Thought you might want to see some photos! You can check out the progress on Em’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/skyetinyhouse or on her website, emmaappleton.co.uk.

How it all began…we bought the 18′ chassis back in April 16. And it snowed.
Raising the wall frames with our housemates Marylou and Gilbert. (Summer 2016)
Then you do this.
Then you do that.
Waterproof membrane on and feeling good!
Roofing is Emma’s favourite part.
Quick peek inside the tiny house. That will be our sleeping platform at the top, with kitchen and bathroom underneath.
Tin cladding for the short ends.
Lovely larch cladding for the long sides.
Then we had to bloody move house! Coming over the pass from Tarskavaig to Ardvasar.
Em’s little workshop in Calgary, kindly provided by our friend Eannaes, whose land we’re on at the moment.
Boarding out inside.
Last weekend we got the fire in…makes a big difference!
And here’s our teeny tiny bedroom.
This weekend we framed the bathroom walls and kitchen units.

The journey continues… !

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