A new kitchen seat

Swallow’s engine is actually inside the cabin in a large steel box which goes right down into the bilge. To make the most of the space, Dad and I built a cover for the engine box which could easily be removed for access, but while moored, half of this would be the platform you step onto when entering the boat, and the other part would form part of the kitchen.

Until today, the piece of wood making up the kitchen half had been in a bad state. It was one of the very first things to go into the boat when I first got her, and it’s been treated pretty mean. As part of my kitchen – mostly used as a seat or the place bags are dumped when I get home from shopping – I thought it was time this was sorted out.

Photo 17-09-2014 16 34 16
You can’t really tell how scruffy it is in this picture, but the part I mean is the white wooden board near the cooker.

One great thing about my new home in Manchester is that I’m a ten minute walk from the Northern Quarter – home to the trendy bars but also some brilliant shops. On my first wander around I found both the all-important hardware store (top of Tib Street) and Abakhan fabric shop (Oldham Street). It was in Abakhan’s today that I found some lovely vinyl for my kitchen seat.

I used industrial sticky-back tape to hold it down, then folded over the edges and hammered in drawing pins to fix it.

Photo 27-09-2014 13 08 10

The result is pretty smart!

Photo 27-09-2014 17 45 08



  1. Louise Brandwood-Price says:

    Hello Beth
    WE have a 22 ft Norman which we love. I love your site and your boat, I just wanted to ask what make is your boat and when was it built. i also wanted to ask how easy is it living on a 30 footer??? I would love to spend more time on our boat but 22 ft isn’t begin enough for the two of us and at the moment we are missing components like a shower which would be good for long term, a bucket is ok for short term but long term you have to think seriously. Also if we were ever to moor in Manhester coming in from the Leeds/Liverpool – Liverpool side where would advise the safest place to moor???



    • Beth Maiden says:

      Hi Louise!
      I’m afraid I only know the stretches of canal I’ve written about on the blog, but I found Sale (on the Bridgewater, about half a day from Manchester centre) really wonderful and safe-feeling, and Castelton and New Islington Marinas are both good places as there are lots of boaters around who look out for each other.
      22 foot!! Wow. I will never again complain about living in a tiny space!
      Good luck on your journey :)

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