Narrowboat electrics 1

Today was exciting, because Clive Penny came to make a start on my electrics. Aside from the fact that I forgot the boat keys, so we had to climb in and out all day through the sliding hatch (brilliant in the rain, as it can’t actually be closed from inside the boat. I did a great trick with some old canvas, some polystyrene ¬†tiles and a few bits of wood that just about kept us dry…) Clive made a really good start, measuring out and putting in the red and black cables for all of my 12v power points – including the headlamp and horn, water and shower pumps, lights and plug sockets.

He’s coming back next week to put all the fittings in and wire everything up to the batteries.

Narrowboat electrics 1

Narrowboat electrics 2

Narrowboat electrics 3

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