Narrowboat bagua


Can you do Feng Shui on a narrowboat? I thought I’d try, by applying a Feng Shui bagua (an ‘energy map’) to a plan of little Swallow.

The idea of a bagua is that it shows you where the different ‘energies’ in your home lie, so you can ensure you’re making the best of each area, and you can tackle ‘blockages’ in each area. So for example if you are experiencing financial problems, you can look at that corresponding area of your home and see what can be done to unblock it and get things flowing again.

That’s all very well, but can it be applied to a long, narrow home? Since I can’t get to my boat this weekend to do practical things, I opened up Photoshop and started playing around:



This is what I got when I laid one over the other:


What does it all mean? Well, if I believe in the energy map and want to ensure my living space best supports the different areas of my life (in orange, above), I can now start applying