I’ve got gas

No, not that kind of gas. As in, LPG. Gas you can cook on. Gas that heats water. Exciting!

I bought my boiler and associated gubbins months ago, but the lovely chap who was going to do my gas for me wasn’t able to. This weekend, he and Emma got together and got started.

Firstly this meant moving the bulk head I’d made – the hole for the gas flue was already cut into the roof of the boat, so it made sense to fit the boiler to this rather than the other way round:

Moving the bulk head.
Moving the bulk head.

Then new pipework was needed to run gas from the gas locker outside in to the kitchen where it would join the cooker.

IMG_1088  IMG_1087

The old flue-hole had been leaky, so all the nasty rotten wood around that area was pulled away and replaced:


And then my shiny lovely new boiler and flue were fitted!

IMG_1089 IMG_1090

I won’t have hot water on board until next week when Em will do my plumbing, and my cooker’s not actually plumbed in yet, so aside from the boiler actually being there, it’s not drastically different yet. But the main work is done and I’m one step closer to the luxury of gas on my boat.