Interior – first sketch

The steel box I plan to live in is 30ft long and 6ft wide, and my head *just about* touches the ceiling when I stand up nice and tall. So it’s not very big. Designing the interior of a boat to maximise space and incorporate as much storage and comfort as possible is an art in itself, and not one I have much of a clue about, however I’m going to give it my very best shot, with the help of my dad and my partner Emma (who lives on a boat she’s currently doing up herself.)

I’m really lucky in that dad is a newly-retired electrician with a passion for carpentry. Although he’s not qualified to install the electrics on my boat (marine electrics are a whole different kettle of fish to land-lubbing systems and this work needs to be done by an experienced boat electrician who knows how to make it 100% safe) he has an engineer’s mind and is going to help me design and build the interior of my boat.

When I say ‘help me’ what I really mean is I’m going to help him with the building parts. I know that if I was let loose on my boat with a saw and a load of wood I’d make a total pig’s ear of it, so I’m incredibly grateful for my dad’s expertise and skills in doing all the carpentry needed to get the Page of Cups shipshape.

So, the first thing I need is a to-scale plan. There’s software online which can help you do this properly – Sketch-Up is one freebie which can be used for properly scaled architectural drawings. I don’t really have time to learn a new piece of software though, and most of the work on my boat can be planned through simple sketches, so here we go, with dimensions given in inches.

Oh my. I’m measuring my future home in inches.


Made into a template I can print out as many times as I like and draw all over