End of an era: We’re buying a ‘normal house’

Well folks, it’s the end of an era.

Em and I have finished building our tiny house (as in, Em has built it, I’ve jumped around excitedly taking photos and occasionally slapping some paint on something) and we’re preparing to leave the Isle of Skye and move to our very own Proper House…in Wales.

Did I ever think this day would come? Not really! It’s been quite a ride.

Here’s a fancy video tour of the tiny house:

(Thanks to our friends Paddy and John for making this!)

And we were in the paper last week! (Okay, some details here aren’t quite right – we weren’t ‘targeting the affordable housing shortage’ and we’re not looking for ‘offers over…’ but still – a nice feature with great cheesy photos!)

A few pics of us finishing up this summer…

We’d intended to record the whole process of creating this home… but life just got in the way. We were too busy working on the tiny house to write about it! But there are plenty of tiny house blogs out there for anyone who wants inspiration for their own.

So I’m here to wrap up this one-time boating blog and say goodbye to tiny living – at least for now. We move into a regular-sized non-floating what-on-earth-are-we-going-to-do-with-all-this-space home next week… and I’m truly, truly excited about the next chapter.

I’ll close out with a couple of pics of our tiny housewarming/goodbye party…

Thanks for reading!

Beth and Emma xxxx