Jumble sale

My flat has been a jumble sale for the past week, as I tried to get rid of my possessions. At first, this was kinda fun, but after a couple of days, living in a junk shop with *stuff* everywhere was starting to grate.



By Sunday Emma and I had had enough. We called around a few folks, loaded everything into boxes and set off delivering clothes, furniture, books and more to our friends and neighbours. The charming Jesper Launder took my entire CD collection (nice taste Jesper), vintage clothing went to The Birds and the Bea, and a Brazillian couple who had just this weekend moved to Tod did rather well out of me too.

By evening, my little flat was looking pretty empty. a pile of things I’d put on eBay under the desk, an odd arrangement of sofas and a the few bits and bobs we’re each keeping.

It should be a little scary, letting go of so much stuff – boxes of letters, mixtapes and CDs were among the things I recycled or passed on – but it’s not…it feels brilliant.