Downsizing (1)

Okay. So I rent a tiny flat in Todmorden – it’s not like I have a house full of stuff accumulated over a lifetime the way some people do. But still, moving from a land-lubbing home to a teeny tiny boat is a major downsizing project. I’ve got a wardrobe plus baskets plus boxes plus more boxes of clothes, shoes, coats, woollens and more. I’ve got a small collection of furniture, none of which is going to fit on board. I’ve got a large stereo, a computer and printer, a home office, large framed pictures on my wall, rugs, lamps, throws, mirrors and cupboards and shelves and boxes full of hobby things – music, sewing stuff, knitting stuff and the ubiquitous bits and bobs. I’ve got boxes full of memoriesold letters, thousands of photographs, mixtapes, handmade gifts and so much more. Then there are the books – I’ve hundreds. I got rid of more than half when I moved to this little flat, but it’s still a few hundred too many.


What the heck am I going to do with it all?

The only answer is to get rid of the lot. When you have a house full of rooms and an attic, a cellar, a spare room, shelving, cupboard-tops and so on, you can store whatever you like. On a 30ft boat, that ain’t gonna be an option. There is no half-way point, I can’t afford long-term paid-for storage, so I’m paring down my possessions to the absolute minimum.

Obviously I haven’t done this yet. I’m only just beginning the process. I’m a web designer, so I thought it would be fun to make an online shop (more for practice with e-commerce than to actually sell stuff!) I’m also going to add the best things to eBay. And if nothing sells, come moving day I’ll just have to give it all away. Though money is tight at the moment (I’ve still got rent to pay whilst I’m buying and renovating my boat) I’m not really trying to make megabucks here – I just want my much-loved possessions to go to good homes.


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