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Before and after

One year on from moving aboard Narrowboat Swallow, I thought it would be fun to do some before and after shots to illustrate the changes I’ve made to my tiny floating home. Entrance I’m really proud of the new entrance hatch, built by my friend Noah Rose. Here’s a little more about that. Bow Kitchen When …

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A busy evening

Gosh. You do nothing on your boat for months, and then on one sunny evening suddenly make crazy progress like nobody’s business. Here’s what got sorted tonight: 1. Removal of nasty leaky plastic flue/mushroom thing (and yes of course I shoulda done that before painting…) 2. Fitting of beautiful brass mushroom Classy, huh? 3. Continuing …

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Interior – first sketch

The steel box I plan to live in is 30ft long and 6ft wide, and my head *just about* touches the ceiling when I stand up nice and tall. So it’s not very big. Designing the interior of a boat to maximise space and incorporate as much storage and comfort as possible is an art …

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