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Before and after

One year on from moving aboard Narrowboat Swallow, I thought it would be fun to do some before and after shots to illustrate the changes I’ve made to my tiny floating home. Entrance I’m really proud of the new entrance hatch, built by my friend Noah Rose. Here’s a little more about that. Bow Kitchen When …

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A busy evening

Gosh. You do nothing on your boat for months, and then on one sunny evening suddenly make crazy progress like nobody’s business. Here’s what got sorted tonight: 1. Removal of nasty leaky plastic flue/mushroom thing (and yes of course I shoulda done that before painting…) 2. Fitting of beautiful brass mushroom Classy, huh? 3. Continuing …

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On doorways

The entrance to your home is important. You encounter it over and over and over again, each time you go out or return. I suppose a good doorway is one which you don’t notice you’re going through, and a great doorway is one which you truly love to go through – one which welcomes you …

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Scrubbing up

Nice clean white roof after some cleaning.

Inspired by a sunny session cleaning Emma’s boat yesterday, today I headed to Golden Nook Farm early to do a little scrubbing of Swallow’s roof before the electrician arrived to give me a quote. I was sad to see how much flaking and deterioration of the paintwork had been allowed to take place beneath the …

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