Boat shuffle

The past couple of weeks, there’s been some shifting about around Baltimore Marina.

Estelle was giving away her boat, so Jamie took it. Through one thing and another, it ended up next to me, meaning I had a boat an inch away on one side, and a boat an inch away on the other. Not nice – I felt really penned in and couldn’t actually see any water, which kinda defeats the object of living on the canal.

narrowboat window

narrowboat window

I made a fuss and I’ve now got Jamie’s old mooring – the best mooring on the whole marina in my opinion, tucked right away from the others with a private deck that gets the evening sun. Bliss.

narrowboat mooring
narrowboat mooring

Emma meanwhile also got fed up of our landlord’s greedy ways and moved off. She’s now moored up the other side of the bridge, at a private home. The house has big, beautiful gardens for Billie to play in and a landscaped mooring running 50m along the canal side.

Private mooring

While Em was away building in Sweden this week, I snuck into her boat and gave it a spring clean.

narrowboat interior

Both moves are short-term – at the end of the summer both of us will be heading towards Manchester, where we’d like to live. But for now our new moorings feel a lot nicer for enjoying the summer in Todmorden.