Boat history – the search continues

Jannel got back to me and said that the boat wasn’t one of theirs, as they never made sloping windows like the ones on my boat. However a quick check on Jim Shead’s Boat Listing website using the British Waterways number brought this result:

Boat Listing

Confusing! This also confused Jannel, who looked into it a little more and came back with this response:

Looking again I think that someone may have mistaken her for the Frobisher type boats built by Shropshire Union that we started with, if you look at our Facebook page I have posted some other pics. They had the drop down front and sliding sun roof but did not look like yours. From the first photo I thought perhaps someone had altered our centre cockpit boat but the windows are all wrong so I really have no idea.

Sorry I cant be more help…

None of these really ‘feel’ like my boat, although the cabin could have been completely rebuilt for all I know.

Here’s are a couple of comments from the Canal World forum where I posted my initial question and a photo:

Way back in the early 1980’s when we started boating the Jannel boats were mainly steel hulls and fibreglass tops, many built by Dartline who made steel boats with fibreglass tops at the time.  I seem to remember the hull design was called Frobisher. The Jannel boats had various cabin formations including the sliding centre canopy.  The windows were often a lozenge shape.

Shropshire Union Cruisers at Norbury also used Darline ‘shells’ with the lozenge style windows.  We bought Geraldine, ex hire from Dartline at Bunbury, she was a Frobisher with steel hull and fibreglass top.

I suspect you have an old hull with a newer steel top.


Is it a Frobisher perhaps? They were GRP and had sliding roofs. The windows are different but they could have been altered. Same goes for Jannel.

And also…

B.W.B. index 66311 was issued in 1980/81. By 1983 this boat was named MARY GARTH and carried a pleasure boat licence, not a Hire & Reward licence.

So…when I was one year old, my boat was floating around under the name of Mary Garth (who is a character from Middlemarch, by George Elliot). Intriguing!

Mary Garth
The oldest of several Garth children, Mary Garth is intelligent, principled and independent like her parents, but more sharp-tongued. She gives all her earnings to her family. She is not pretty, but nevertheless, she has two suitors—Farebrother and her childhood sweetheart, Fred Vincy. She is very hard on Fred and will not accept him till he becomes responsible. She is a foil to Fred’s pretty but featherbrained sister, Rosamond. It is clear she is Fred’s guiding light, and he is willing to change because he knows he is nothing without her.