A bit of a squash

Emma’s gone off to America for a few months to learn timber frame building, leaving me with not only the two cats on board Swallow, but now our gorgeous little black labrador Billie, too. As a freelancer, I also work from home a lot. And just a reminder that Swallow is 30ft long and 6ft wide.

It’s a bit of a squash. The way we work it out is this: Emily and Jamila have the bed. Anytime. Whenever. And Billie Bean has a bed of her own underneath my desk, this is her little sanctuary. I have the sofa.

Photo 15-10-2014 13 43 57

Photo 17-10-2014 23 48 10

So far so good. Except Emily has a mission in life to be anywhere where she’s not supposed to and as soon as anyone’s back is turned, there she is on Billie’s bed.

Photo 16-10-2014 17 14 35

So Billie comes on the sofa with me :)

One great thing about all this is that Billie makes me go out more. She gets three walks a day and I try to only work in spaces where she can come along with me (the people at Madlab where I’m hoping to rent desk space are well up for having a dog in the office). This also means getting out and finding dog-friendly cafes and bars where I can get wifi and work and drink posh coffee.

Fortunately, Manchester seems like a really dog-friendly city! Kosmonaut (Tarrif St) is my favourite place to work all afternoon – they have nice big tables, good music and seem to really love Billie. Common (Edge St) is great too, and the other day I went to Fig and Sparrow which opens at 8 – great because I really like to get out early. The owners have a dog too – I met Emily walking Pip and she told me she ran a dog-friendly cafe in town – and Billie was given a bowl of water as soon as we arrived.

Photo 16-10-2014 12 33 26

Meanwhile Emily and Jamila have already worked out where to catch mice and have fun and are totally settled in. Whoever said cats don’t like change doesn’t know mine…Emily’s lived in over 10 different homes now and seems perfectly happy and secure.

So we’re all pretty cosy here in Swallow but just about fitting in and it’s all jolly nice really.


    • Beth Maiden says:

      Oh gosh, I’ve been neglecting it. So much news. Swallow has flown! But I’m still floating. I’ll update soon – thank you for your well-wishes!

  1. Robyn Lodge says:

    Hi Beth,

    I hope you’re well!

    I’m just about to start a piece about small space living and design and I was wondering if you’d be happy for me to ask you a couple of questions that I could include in the piece?

    I’d be so grateful! My email is robynlodge@builtvisible.com


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