All change

Well, here’s a long-overdue update! I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I last posted to this blog. So much has changed since then…but I’ll keep this short.

First and foremost – Swallow was sold back in February.

After a few viewings, the perfect owner came along and, understandably, fell in love with her. Fortunately this person was small of proportion (unlike several interested parties who turned out to be just that little bit too tall for her…) and interested in living in Manchester, so I sorted out a mooring here at New Islington and here she’s stayed, just across the way. It’s a little weird seeing Swallow so close by but knowing she’s no longer mine, but I’m just glad she’s gone to someone who will keep putting love and care into her.

Photo 16-09-2014 18 07 37 (1)

Here’s the ad, if you’re curious!

Meanwhile, the cats and I moved into Em’s boat – formerly called ‘Flo’, now renamed ‘Empress’.

She’s another unusual boat, and of course another project, so I’ll carry on this blog with her story, starting with the story so far.

Private mooring
Empress back in Todmorden last summer

New Islington Marina is a great place to live.

Despite one particular website which seems to love banging on about how this beautiful public park in Ancoats is a hotbed of crime, Em and I have found it mostly quiet and peaceful, very affordable, convenient for the city centre (a 10 minute walk!) and in a really great neighbourhood.

The neighbours are friendly, too.
The neighbours are friendly, too.

Lastly, we lost our beloved Billie. Without going into details, she had a sudden seizure, completely out of the blue, and after several days of intensive care, the vet advised us to let her go. She was the best dog in the world and a champion boater.