A studio on dry land

I’m self employed and need a base where I can work and be warm and dry during the day – even if the boat was ready to move on board, I still wouldn’t have the 240v electricity, internet access and comfortable desk space I need to run my business. So I’ve rented a studio at Grumpy’s Mill, Todmorden. It’s nothing fancy – a small-ish room with floorboards and a wall and internet shared with my landlord – but it will do for now.

I’m supposed to be moving out of my flat and onto the boat in a few days’ time, so as well as providing a workspace, the studio also gives me somewhere to store my boat furniture until I’m ready to take it on board.


I think it does need a quick paint job…

Pedalkraft at Grumpy's Mill


Ahh, that’s better :)


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