A busy evening

Gosh. You do nothing on your boat for months, and then on one sunny evening suddenly make crazy progress like nobody’s business.

Here’s what got sorted tonight:

1. Removal of nasty leaky plastic flue/mushroom thing




(and yes of course I shoulda done that before painting…)

2. Fitting of beautiful brass mushroom

brass mushroom

Classy, huh?

3. Continuing painting


The red is pretty much all on there now – next will be the gunnels, then the white, then the red stripe!

4. Pump replacement

Emma removed my old pump(which had never been strong enough to actually do it’s job and actually conked ages ago though I didn’t want to admit it – I’ve not had running water for months and I’ve never had hot water…) and fitted the new one I got from eBay last week. Words cannot express my joy as I washed my face for the FIRST TIME.


Sheer joy.

5. Tiller

I also started making my tiller extension thingy (I’m sure there’s a technical name for it) but by then it was too dark to take pictures.